zaterdag 13 februari 2010

My new project .... a biscornu

Well, my kokeshi doll is finished, and I'm really into cross stitching right now. I used to cross stitch before, but 3 years ago I got my two cats, Shira & Aybo. I really adore them, but when they were little they chased my cross stitch threads all the time. So I decided to wait for a long time. Now they are a little bit older and sleep more, so the cross stitch items can come back in the house now. They still chase my thread and needle when I'm stitching and they want to cuddle in my lap, but a soft slap on there nose will help preventing this.
I bought some English magazines, 'Cross Stitcher' in January and February and saw a nice project: a Biscornu. I googled some on the internet and found some adorable designs. On the website The Floss Box there are a lot of nice patterns. Some free, but very cheap to buy. So I started with a new project. I started yesterday, and this is my result:

It is a biscornu with 4 little sheep on it. I really love the design. I have some things to do this day, but tonight I make some time to stitch again!