maandag 21 maart 2011

Actie voor Japan

Let's spring into action and help Japan !

Zojuist kreeg ik de nieuwsbrief binnen van de QuiltMania met deze openingszin. Ik denk, ik deel het mee, misschien zijn er lezers onder jullie die zich aangesproken voelen om te helpen of misschien een leuke quilt hebben liggen die toe is aan een nieuwe bestemming.
Dit is wat ze verder schreven:

Dear Friends,
First, I would like to inform you that Shizuko Kuroha, Yoko Saito and Reiko Kato are alive and well! I have been receiving dozens of messages of support and sympathy for our Japanese friends and of course, we have all been deeply moved by the tragedy impacting them.
I have already contacted a fair number of readers and partners through email to ask them to contribute and help in two different ways :
- by donating money : charities working in Japan right now need to buy food, water and medicine.
- by starting to make children's quilts (approximately 120 x 180cm or 47" x 31") that we will send out to them as soon as we have organised their distribution.

We are going to collect quilts by country and my wish is for us to be able to make at least one thousand of them. I am currently getting in contact with people in France and Japan to organise the shipping and distribution of quilts. Please, do not send us anything yet. Wait for us to tell you where to send your quilts.

Do not forget to put your name, postal and email addresses on the back of your quilt in case a Japanese child wanted to thank you. I believe that, when you have lost everything, a soft, cuddly quilt made by someone who cares from thousands of kilometres away, can warm your heart.

I know I can count on you and your quilts to show our Japanese friends that we are more than wholeheartedly with them!
Many thanks in advance to one and all!
Carol Veillon

To donate money to the Fondation de France - Solidarité Japon, click here; to donate money to the American Red Cross, click here; to donate money to the British Red Cross click here, to donate money to the Belgian Red Cross click here, and you have many other organizations...

Zodra ik meer informatie heb waar het heengestuurd kan worden, zal ik het wederom op mijn blog melden.

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